Valentine’s Day email subject lines can help convert e-newsletter subscribers into customers. The significance of your subject line cannot be overstated – it’s the initial and often only element a customer perceives to entice them into opening your email. We’ve curated a list of Valentine’s Day subject line ideas to help your Valentine’s Day e-newsletter convert.

Include Emojis In Your Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines

Emojis are known to encourage subscribers to open newsletters – so why not throw a few in your subject line? Here are a few Valentine’s Day emoji combinations:

Valentine’s Day Emoji Combos

  • 🌹
  • 🌹💕
  • 💖💝
  • 💝🌹💕
  • 🌹💌💝
  • 🧸💌💝
  • ❤️‍🔥
  • 🍫💓🌹
  • 💋💌🌹
  • 🌹💍🌹
  • 💖🧸💝
  • 💋❤️‍🍫
  • 🥰🌹💕
  • 🥰💌🧸
Valentine's Day Email Subject Lines For E-commerce With Emojis
Pre-Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines

Pre-Valentine’s Day Email Subject Lines

Get on the Valentine’s Day marketing train early. The sooner the better to start getting shoppers to purchase off your website. Here is a list of “Pre-Valentine’s Day” email subject lines:

  • Crush On These Valentine’s Day Gifts
  • 🗝️❤️‍Unlock Valentine’s Day Savings
  • Sweeten the Season🍫
  • Love Yourself First With This Valentine’s Day Sale
  • Spread the Love 💝
  • Gifts They’ll Adore🧸💝💌
  • Countdown to Love: Shop Our Valentine’s Day Collection
  • Gifts That Wow: Shop Valentine’s Day
  • Heartwarming Finds❤️‍
  • Show Your Love With These Valentine’s Gifts

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Subject Lines

Lots of people wait until the last minute to get their gifts for the people they love! So there is still time to capitalize on Valentine’s Day sales just days before. Just make sure you can deliver Valentine’s Day Shipping and provide a date and time they need to order by to get it.

  • Now or Never: Last Chance For Valentine’s Day Shipping
  • Love Emergency: Quick Ship on Last-Minute Gifts🧸🍫
  • Final Dash for Love: Same-Day Shipping on Valentine’s Day!
  • The Perfect Valentine’s Day Last Minute Gift💋❤️‍🍫
valentines day enewsletter ideas 2024

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted email subject line. As the gateway to your message, it plays a crucial role in turning subscribers into customers. Adding emojis to your subject lines injects a playful touch, making them more appealing to open. The pre-Valentine’s Day approach ensures you catch the attention of eager shoppers looking for the perfect gift. And for the procrastinators, embrace the urgency with last-minute subject lines, reminding them it’s not too late to express love with a thoughtful, quick-shipped gift.

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